The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer (which may be a cash register printout), and indicates the options for the customer to make payment. It is also the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. After receiving payment, the merchant may issue a receipt for the transaction, which is usually printed but can also be dispensed with or sent electronically..

POS Retail

Point Of Sales (POS) – Every item that is purchased must be output both logically and in accounting, Dynamics NAV offers and supports all types of POS software, importing items, selling prices, printing prices, Consumer , Vendor, Usera and all the information we need for a real-time POS and possibly any changes we make to sending it directly to POS. With POS we mean selling all retail items offers many Dynamic Opportunities such as that is, connect to any Fiscal Printer, Thermal Printer, Barcode and Printer Printer, Retail Return, Cancel a Paragraph, and save all User Movements that are logged in to POS.
When working in POS if we have sales price changes or any item in no time wasted without logging out of the system we have the option with a CLICK to import all changes from the Main Server. POS works offline and online, offline works locally while online has direct connection to server for receiving changes, if there is a problem with network infrastructure or any technical problems POS continues to work until technical problems are resolved and when it has a connection to the main server where all sales are collected and sends all sales. POS is very flexible even during work and very easy to use and support all kinds.

POS Retail - Mobile

We can also make POS sales using the Mobile application, where the application can be connected to any printer whether fiscal, thermal, or A4 format.
In real time on the device we have stock, sales prices, customers, locals, routs and all we need for retail. The app works both offline and online like the Mobile app.

We can help you to manage these industries:


Consumer Electronics

Fashion and Apparel

Beauty and Fragrance

Restaurants and Foodservice

Specialty Retail / POS

Furniture and Decor

Improve customer experience

Cloud POS Systems allow retailers to take their businesses anywhere

Ensure the security of customer data

Provide complete and precise sales reports

Speed up product return processes

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