Making the mobile access to an ERP system possible means a breakthrough for its users. Mobile-first and cloud-first solution are the key concepts for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With all data on hand and easy connection to databases, Dynamics users can get insight into reports, decisions and documents they need while working outside the company. And vice versa, mobile employees can instantly upload data their colleagues working at the office need. Native integration with Office 365 ensures even more benefits.

Mobile NAV

Mobile NAV is a mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which supports online and offline work for remote activities. It is a perquisite for effective sales, service, warehouse and project management, enabling the user to track relevant workflows and ensuring the access to required data.

With Mobile NAV, the user with no advanced development knowledge can build his own application. All configuration is handled within NAV, which means that it is possible to create views mobile employees need. MobileNAV is just a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, including its add-on modules, which is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The user can access data and functionality in real-time, similarly to desktop clients. In the case of interruptions, Mobile NAV allows the user to continue work offline.

Modus Functionalities


We can also sell via the mobile app, where you can
find blers information, articles, online moves, real time stocks, routines, visits, sales I need it, you can create more blers information, articles, internals, real-time stocks, routines, visits, sales I need it, you can create more information for a4 printers or fiscal printers at any one time, module support for all a4 printers and fiscal printers. The merchandise sold to the buyers instantly.

Routing plans

Routes are set up by enterprise managers
or by the employee himself please guide the employee on the date of service, when you want to visit, even trade, you can get direct bias from company report, data expiration, order according to FIFO standard.

Registration of goods

Registering one of the modules that most
companies would like, the module enables us to register the merchandise and then look at the differences in the quantities of items and to turn the stocks into very real what we have on the shelves.


Purchase order you General Service suppliers you can
create in Dynamic Navision we can also create it via mobile APP, in the app we can physically go with item scanned item and create order, order to supplier can be done automatically as well as manuals, by automatic I mean where through the minimum and maximum of items I have set up as well as ex-item sales so automatically the order quantity is displayed directly from the supplier, the quantity displayed online can therefore be added with a quantity edit , minus a quantity, or omit something.

Integrated merchandise planning, retail forecasting, store allocation and replenishment The success of a retail business hinges on accurate forecasting and inventory planning that meets customer demands at the right time and place.

Merchandise Planning and Execution provides functionality for all stages of merchandising — from budget planning and demand forecasting to purchase planning, allocation and replenishment. The demand-driven solution is designed to let you plan assortments, optimize product allocation, develop effective pricing and mark-down strategies for faster sell-through and accurately replenish inventory — all to reduce operating costs and increase sales.

The solution combines three core modules including:

    • Planning and Open-to-Buy Budget
    • Purchase Planning and Allocation
    • Product Forecasting and Replenishment

Information Technologies (IT) platforms and systems with the corresponding processes and procedures
are part of the research scope of our IT audit. This scope allows us to provide you with insight in the
optimisation possibilities concerning the use of Navision ERP and the reliability of the (financial)
data processing. For this purpose we use a control framework and audit tools developed especially for
Navision ERP. The following topics will be covered:

    • Control measures for the financial and reporting, purchase, sales, inventory and project administration processes.
    • The relevance and examples of IT general controls like security, IT continuity, and change management.
    • IT general controls concerning Dynamics NAV.
    • Segregation of duties setup and user rights management.

Flexible setup and functionality based on the company’s needs

Based on the NAV business logic

On-line and on off-line access

Possibility to filter logged sales employees

Eliminating task redundancies and paper work

Integrated phonebook - importing and exporting data

Using built-in device capabilities (phone, e-mail, browser, map)

Direct entry of quotation and order data

Barcode scanning

Direct printing

Reporting capabilities

Multiple languages

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